We are inviting you to join us for Box Elder Runs Strong, by being represented in “The Company Run”.  Our Goal is to raise funds for our local non-profits that serve our community as well as encourage a spirit of giving to others. This is also a chance for your company, office, or business to show that working together for and with your company or office here in Box Elder County can be fun and rewarding. 

“The Company Run” will be part of a series of morning fundraising activities.  We are challenging  each participating entity in “The Company Run” to  plan a relay team of 1-4 runners to wear or carry items or signage that represent their product or services.  This is planned as a race 4 times around the front Box Elder Court House lawn starting at 9 am on Saturday June 10, 2023.  Prizes and recognition will be given to the fastest teams as well as for the most interesting/creative representation.  We are looking at racing fast walkers  and super runners in separate heats if that helps.   We are asking $50 for each “Company” entry.  Please consider joining in and bringing any costume, shirt, sign, or product that best represents you!  We will send further details to registrants as the event gets closer. 

SPONSOR DONATIONS: We are also welcoming larger “Sponsor” donors to be recognized on Banners that day. The Company Run registration fee will be considered covered for sponsors.    

Questions?  Contact us at boxelderrunsstrong@gmail.com or text Tara at 435-225-5903